Software Engineer - off-shore

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Project Budget(INR)

₨10 - ₨ 12

Project Description

·         Develop software written with Angular Material, Angular, .Net, C# Web Services, SQL Server, CouchDB, NodeJS, and other leading-edge technologies.

·         Develop software that is maintainable, extendable, and scalable.

·         Use a pragmatic blend of Test-Driven Development, Domain Driven Design, and SOLID principles.

·         Create a product that is dependable, fast, and easy to use.

·         Participate in design and architectural discussions.  Be prepared to have these daily.

·         Use Scrum to organize work on a small team.

·         Adhere to coding standards.

·         Help maintain some legacy WinForms systems that we’re replacing.

·         Enjoy your work and experience satisfaction from helping people efficiently get their jobs done.




What you need to know

·         C#, .Net

·         Angular

·         .net standard and core

·         MS SQL Server / T-SQL

·         HTML & CSS


What we’re looking for

·         B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent education/experience

·         Passion for technology balanced with pragmatism

·         Fast learner over knowing the technologies that we’re using

·         Someone who gets excited playing a big part in creating professional software


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