Job Detail

HR Analyst

New Delhi, India


Job Detail

  • Salary:1200000 - 1400000
  • Industry:Hotel Management & Cooking
  • Role Category: HR Jobs
  • Job Type:Full-Time


  • City:New Delhi
  • Country:India

Job Responsibilities

  • Collect HR Data From Employees, Supervisors, Customers Or Other Relevant Individuals

  • Compile Past Data From Employment Records And Exit Interviews

  • Refer To Larger Databases, Like Those That Store Government Labor Statistics Or Information On Competitors' Labor Practices

  • Draft Surveys Or Other Data-Gathering Measures

  • Organize Data Into Manageable Segments

  • Clean Data To Eliminate Any Errors And Create More Meaningful Analyses

  • Analyze Data Manually And By Using Various Tools And Programs

  • Use Findings To Develop Meaningful Conclusions

  • Prepare Clear, Readable Reports Of Findings

  • Discuss Recommendations With HR Supervisors Based On Findings

  • Collaborate In The Development Of Policies And Training Programs To Target Data Conclusions

  • Ensure Employee Compliance With Organization Policies Based On Data-Informed Evidence

  • Assist HR Employees With Data-Informed Aspects Of Employee Compensation, Benefits Or Training

  • Review An Organization's Revenue And Other Financial Data To Determine Compensation Updates

  • Update Job Description Postings To Attract Qualified Candidates

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