Law of Attraction

What is Law of Attraction and How to Use it Effectively at Every Stage of Life?

What is Law of Attraction and How to Use it Effectively at Every Stage of Life?


The Law of Attraction is one of the life's biggest mysteries.Not many people are aware of how much of an impact the Law of Attraction has on their day to day life.

   Once the power of attraction has been understood by you then it is no longer secret. Addition to this,you have learned how to apply this effectively in your everyday life, then the entire future is yours to create.



  1. the law will send magical signals out , and we attract we will receive.
  2. The law of attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experience into their life.
  3. Thoughts that we conceive and believe,the law will send magical signals out , and we attract we will receive.
  5. Five Law of Attraction:


   The Law of Attraction, the belief that positive thoughts attract positive outcomes while negativity begets negative outcomes,has gotten a lot of attention in recent years. 


Here are five steps to put the Law of Attraction to work for you, your company, employees and clients.


1. Know what you truly want

2. Focus on gratitude and positive self-talk

3. Be intentional with communication

4. Visualize success

5. Accountability is key


1.Know what you truly want:

   Firstly, we need to be specific about what we want so we can figure out how to get there.There's one question every business leader must answer: What do I truly want? Do you want to get 1000 leads within next 1 month? Do you want to find your next great hire? Do you want to grow your business 20 percent by year-end? Hyper-focusing your mind on the answer to that question will set you on a course to consciously and subconsciously make things happen. Then you can set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound) so you and your team members will know exactly what you're aiming to achieve.


2.Focus on gratitude and positive self-talk:

   The Law of Attraction asserts that whatever you give focus will grow, and an essential step in feeding positive thoughts is gratitude. Each of us has a voice in our head. Self-talk is something we do throughout the day. Like the proverbial angel or devil on our shoulder, that voice can be either positive or negative. Think about the number of times you criticize yourself each day.

    When you feel yourself going toward the negative, think of specific things you are grateful for to reset your thought process in a positive manner.

    Mastering positive self-talk and making gratitude a daily focus will keep you confident and motivated and put you and your team on a trajectory for success--instead of mired in the worry of what could go wrong.


3.Be intentional with communication:

   Business leaders should use language that affirms positive outcomes. Think about the subtle difference between the words "I am" and "I will be." The former puts you in the mindset of already achieving what you want, while the latter implies something you will do in the future. Be mindful of how you express yourself. Boxing legend Muhammad Ali is famous for saying, among other phrases, "I am the greatest!" I'm confident that you'll agree: "I will be the greatest" just doesn't pack the same punch.


4.Visualize success:

   Visualization can be as simple as closing your eyes and imagining--in as much detail as possible--the upcoming steps you must take to achieve success. It allows you to envision how you will successfully navigate business challenges and opportunities. It can be as brief as a few minutes or as long as necessary to complete the mental picture of what you want to accomplish. Mornings and evenings are the best visualization times because that's when we tend to be the most relaxed.


5.Accountability is key:

   You've followed all the steps outlined above, so don't keep it to yourself. The more people you've got pulling for you and keeping you accountable, the better. When you invite team members to hold you accountable, you are giving them a unique opportunity to see your thought process and how you visualize success. Let them know what you're working to attract, and you'll receive the support you need to achieve your next goal.

   Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, telling others about your goals is a win-win proposition. By turning these five steps into habits, you give others the opportunity to help build your company and team and tap into a new way of thinking that will benefit you both professionally and personally.


How to Use the Law of Attraction as a Beginner:


  • Get yourself into a constant positive frequency
  • Get involved in things you love
  • Start a gratitude journal
  • Meditation
  • Love yourself regardless of what you've done in the past
  • Start small & prove it to yourself
  • Take massive inspired action


  •    While it seems complicated on the surface, manifesting destiny is a powerful notion that empowers the mind to control your life as you see it fit to be. In the same vein as taking control of your self-acceptance, self-love, and self-confidence, no other person or entity has the power to effect change in your life than you. Take your future by the reins, starting now.